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Hello, you!

I'm Alberto and here you will find links to my social pages and stuff I built. The menu will soon appear on the bottom-right corner.

If you prefer, my detailed professional profile is on LinkedIn.

I'm an HTML5 supporter with a particular interest in Performance, Mobile and Gaming.
I like to code and experiment, mainly (but not only) for the web platform.

Occasionally, I write, tweet or talk about technical topics.

My homeland is Sardinia, and I work as a Front End & UI Engineer in Switzerland.

I am curious about Game Design and the Indie Game Development community.
I made an HTML5 coding game and another one that fits in 13kB.
Currently, I'm developing an adventure game with some friends.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar, swimming and snowboarding. I also help managing the GDG Milan (Google Developers Group).
Oh, and I love Hackathons!

You can usually find me on the Internet as 4lbertoC (no, I have no idea how to pronounce it).

Yes, there is a music-related easter egg in this page :)

Thanks for visiting!

– Alberto